International truck transport

CSAD Logistik Ostrava is one of the biggest transport companies in Czech Republic with more than 50 years experience at the field of road haulage. We have more than 160 vehicles. Mercedes-Benz tractors and DAF tractors are reliable backbone thanks to their trouble-free operations. We focus on regular change of vehicles and the age of our trucks is less then 4 years.

The trailers and semitrailers used for transportations are usually of standard volume (80 – 120 m3), low-deck semi-trailers, 20’ and 40’ container carriers, trailers etc.

We can provide you with just-in-time, milk-run and cross-deck transportation modes. We can transport oversized or untypical shipments as well as the dangerous goods transports under ADR regime.

Our complete service provides you with the on-line monitoring and particular shipment control. All these services are delivered by experienced employees from our central dispatching department.

In order to arrange specific transports, please, contact us:

Head of Dispatching
Kateřina Večeřa
telephone: 585 108 273, 739 509 453
Deputy Head of Dispatching for domestic transport
Tomáš Bican
telephone: 585 108 213, 602 539 074